There should be no xenophobia or hate speech in Cameroon, the Nonsense must stop. Ntumfor Bar Nico Halle

Ntumfor Bar. Nico Halle Talking to press

Anybody promoting xenophobia has raped the constitution of Caneroon, does not love God, himself and humanity”

It’s now an open secret that a Nation like Cameroon just celebrated its National day, a show of the country’s unity at a time critics are brandishing proves indicating that the spirit of unity has been replaced with division.

In Yaounde the political capital Cameroon’s minister of communication has indicated from where the problem is coming. In a joint press conference, minister Rene Sadi pointed to the billingualism commission chair whose mission is to bring that feeling of oneness in every Cameroonian and the minister of territorial administration that hate speech is pulling down Cameroon.

Today those ambassadors of hate speech are known, they can be called by their names. Recently the Guardian post newspaper in one of its editorials lamented ‘Paul biya must hear this’ .The newspaper meant president Paul Biya must be informed about those who are dividing his country .

In Douala, Internationally acclaimed lawyer and peace crusader Ntumfor Bar. Nico Halle is on his feet, he says the nonsense must stop.
According to him, anybody promoting xenophobia has raped the constitution of Caneroon, does not love God, himself and humanity. Ntumfor who is also member of the Bilingualism commission made the declaration Wednesday, May 17 , 2023 as he received the 2022 most consistent peace and love crusader award from the scoop Media Group.

“Any body who is promoting xenophobia does not love himself God and humanity. They are in the wrong place. That’s despicable, its bizarre for any person to be promoting xenophobia in Cameroon or hate speech in Cameroon, we don’t need it. Where ever in Cameroon in all the ten regions, there should be no xenophobia there should be no hate speech because when you get into that kind of situation it means you don’t know the constitution, you want to rape the constitution, i just want to say that it is uncalled for and that must stop”

Ntumfor now has 169 awards to his name and this is the 4th from the scoop Media group. He is using it to build a new formation to combat hate speech head-on

With the recent comments made by some personalities at the SW peace and development forum ina Buea having some xenophobic tendencies , Ntumfor challenged all to consolidate the love that exists between northwesterners and southwesterners.

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