Cameroon-Yaounde: Another Bomb Explosion Rocks Mokolo Market.

Cameroon Society

Authorities are on high alert as several suspects have been arrested in connection to the explosion

There is an atmosphere of uncertainty reigning at the Mokolo Market in Cameroon’s political capital Yaounde Following a bomb explosion that hit the market late Tuesday July 12, 2022 injuring three persons. The locally made bomb which detonated at the said market is the second with the space of 10 days.
“I heard a loud noise and I thought it was thunder and people started running for safety. It was very frightening ,” a trader at the market told LKI.

It should be recalled that communication minister and government spokesperson Rene Emmanuel Sadi had earlier urged City dwellers to be vigilant after the first explosion that hit the the same market near 10 days ago.

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