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Multinational financial technology company (FinTech), YellowCard Cameroon on Saturday March 26, 2022 in Douala, drilled over 50 women with skills in the FinTech sector. The company organized the one-day seminar under the theme “The financial woman” as part of its corporate social responsibility to give back to the women who are under-represented in the FinTech industry in Cameroon .

The objective of the conference as highlighted by the country’s operations manager, YellowCard Cameroon Tasha Shengwe, was to educate women on the advantages of being involved in the financial technology industry.

“We had the ladies here today to brief them on the importance of belonging to the FinTech industry or the financial world because the population of ladies involved in the FinTech industry is very small, so we want to grow our community by involving the ladies or women in this financial technology sector ” Tasha Shengwe reveals.

The seminar was an occasion to emphasize the need for Gender Parity in the FinTech world.

“Yello card actually wants every woman to be in the financial technological sector inorder to measure up to the level of the men. That is why they made it free for every lady to be part of this conference. We thought it wise for ladies to be aware of what it takes to succeed in the financial technology industry.” She added.

The marketing manager, YellowCard Cameroon states clearly the difference between the company and other financial investment platforms :

“YellowCard is not an investment platform, it is an exchange platform where you can exchange crypto for Mobile money and vice versa. It is a platform where you can buy, sell, send and receive crypto currency.” Sonia Tchassa emphasized

Some participants of the seminar share the skills acquired and how they will put it into practice, in order to better their financial situation.

“this seminar has really been wonderful. We had Bold and confident young ladies who inspired most of us. I now have a broad knowledge of FinTech and the place of a woman in technology. We all know that women have a lot of responsibilities from home and school, but today I was really encouraged that you can still have a place in technology with YellowCard”. Vera Vusheng

The Fintech sector in Cameroon has been on a steady but slow growth since 2010, providing a series of jobs for a great number of youths. Despite the steady
growth, less than 2% of companies are women-founded and less than 4% of the women are involved in decision making. The American based financial Technology company has been existing in Cameroon for over 4 years. The company’s goal is to attain financial inclusion for all in Cameroon and the entire African Continent.

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