There will be no independence of Southern Cameroon’s via war-Dr. Simon Munzu

Dr. Simon Munzu Chair of The Coalition of Federalist Groups and Activists, CCFGA


There will be no independence of the Southern Cameroons (Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon) through war. Some of us have consistently said so since the beginning of the ongoing crisis in 2016, not because we would not like independence for this territory if it could be obtained, but because we reasonably believe that it cannot be achieved through diplomacy or by war. The evolution of the crisis to this date is proving us right.

If Southern Cameroonians are not to lose out completely after all these years of suffering, loss and deprivation, if they are to shake off the yoke of domination, marginalization and assimilation, then they have no choice now than to push for the re-establishment of federalism. Among various actions to this end, the Coalition of Federalist Groups and Activists (CCFGA) will be holding a Virtual General Meeting of interested groups and individuals via Zoom on Sunday, the 27th of February, 2022, at 2 p.m. EST/7 p.m. GMT/8 p.m. CAT.

The zoom link will be communicated in due course to all persons who register to attend the meeting. To register, please send your name and phone number via Whatsapp to one of the following numbers in Cameroon or abroad: (+237) 695256460, 677497428, 677574822, 673970009; (+1) 252 518 3669, 217 220 2302, 315 214 9048, 407 844 1520, 240 423 8235; (+44) 734 133 7901, 759 320 0680; (+27) 832 252 415.

Kindly share this public announcement to your individual and group contacts among Cameroonians around the world. God bless..

Dr. Simon Munzu”

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