“For an ugly past she could not forgive and a brokenness that refuses to heal, a grieving woman searching for love sets out to cut a pound of flesh from every single soul that bruised her heart.
Bamboozler offers a wild ride into the world of a broken lover on a mission of vengeance. Just like Adrian Lyne’s Fatal Attraction, here comes a narrative where love, sex and revenge blend in a captivating connect to birth an unforgettable theatrical experience, starring dynamic actors with stellar performances.”
Bamboozler is Directed by Chidi Mokeme
Executive Producer: DrBelinda Babila
Story writen by Franklin Tochi Nwosu
DOP: Brains Concept Studios
Premier dates and venues:

  • Douala on April 9th 2022 at La Falaise Diamond Bonanjo
  • Yaounde on April 16th 2022 La Falaise Yaounde.
    For tickets, Contact
    +1 214 296 7209
    673 97 00 09
    668 713 940
    677 555 777
    677 834 788
    Ticket Prices
    5,000 CFA General Admission
    10,000 CFA Standard Admission
    15,000 CFA VIP SILVER
    30,000 CFA VIP GOLD
    100,000. CFA VVIP PLATINUM
    500.000 CFA Table Of 8 Persons
    BBF MTN Momo No
    653 47 95 16
    BBF Orange MOMO

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