Cameroon: At least 16 People Perish In Night Club Explosion In Yaoundé


At least 16 persons have died and 8 others Seriously injured following an explosion which rocked a night club in the early hours of January 23, 2022 at Bastos, a neighborhood in the nations Political capital Yaoundé. According to a release from Cameroon’s minister of Communication Rene Emmanuel Sadi, the incident was provoked by an explosion emanating from fireworks which is often used at the said leisure facility, consuming the ceiling of the night club.

Two other serious explosions as per Sadi’s release  followed causing panic and subsequently a stampede amongst persons within the premises of the  Liv’s Night Club Yaouba. In total 16 deaths recorded as first casualties, corpses all taken to the mortuary of Ekounu Military hospital meanwhile 8 persons who were seriously injured are currently receiving treatment at the intensive care unit of the Yaoundé Central Hospital.  President Paul Biya extends his heart felt condolences to the affected families meanwhile the government has called for more vigilance at leisure spots across the National territory.

List of those who perish in the incident.


1-Fane Mahamat (femme. Médecin)
2- Ateba Henri (autorité aéronautique)
3-makoundy Etondo Charles
4-Nfangwen Mongnam Barthélémy(employé yaoba)
5-lomba samba  (communauté urbaine de douala)
6- Gatsi Tameze Mike (Douala)
7-Noah Emmanuelle Lionelle (femme)
8- At Sop Tchatagne Franck (EIFORCE)
9-col Biloa Ekengue patrice ( autorité aéronautique)
10-Jida Simplice ( employé yaoba)
11-Donkeng Marc Gaël (client)
12- Abouna Mahamat koiss(frère de la décédée Fane Mahamat)
13- Moussa Mohamed
14-Ngono Christelle
15- Nka  Esther ( femme caissière yaoba)

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