Dr. Manaouda Malachie During reception of Covid-19 kits from UNDP in Douala. 2021

“Information circulating on several media and social networks reporting the identification of a new variant of the COVID19 virus, SARS COV2, with origins from Cameroonian scientifically non valid and unconfirmed.”
This is the response of Cameron’s health Minister, Manaouda Malachie to reports made by foreign media, linking the country to a new variant of Corona virus, which was discovered in France.

Top French media such as” Le Soir” and “Le Monde” newspapers published articles on January 3, 2022 indicating that the variant, detected by experts of Marseille in early December originated from Cameroon.

However, in a press release signed by Minister Manaouda Malachie on January 4, these claims are scientifically unfounded. He insists that the information is from an approximate summary of a pre-print type document, a presentation of unvalidated scientific data. Thus, the document at this stage, has no scientific evidence status.

Manaouda Malachite argues that of the eight (8) cases presented in the document, only one is said to have made a trip to Cameroon. According to the Minister, the information still lacks validation from the International Scientific and Health Authorities as well as Cameroonian Scientific Council.

Minister Manaouda Malachie went further to appreciate the efficiency of Cameron’s infrastructures in detecting Covid19 cases.

It should be noted that this information is coming barely a few days before a major sporting event of global scope organized by Cameroon.

Manaouda Malachie calls on the vigilance of all Cameroonians, to ensure the success of this sports competition.

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