Cameroon: Confrontations Between Population, Elements of 15 BIM in Yokadouma Leaves At Least 2 Dead


The military barracks of the 15th BIM in Yokadouma was the scene of a clash evening between the population of the Bienema village, bike-riders and elements of the 15th BIM yesterday January 4, 2021. The clashes broke out following an accident orchestrated by a military vehicle which later fled leaving the injured in agony. The population considered that the act was too much for them to bear reasons why they transported one of the remains to the military barracks despite the security at the gate, they were able to force open the gate shrinking from all forms of intimidation carried out by the defense forces. It is after several negotiating maneuvers that the SDO, Valeri Norbert KUELA would convince this crowd to allow the BIM elements to transport the body to the mortuary.

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