US Lawmakers Petition Biden’s Administration to Halt Deportation of Cameroonian Immigrants


Over 62 United States Congressmen have addressed a Fresh letter to president Joe Biden calling on him to halt the deportation of some 38,000 Cameroonians living in the US. The call is the substance of a nine page document dated November 2, 2021 endorsed by members of congress and addressed to president Biden and Secretary of homeland Security Hon. Alejandro Mayorkas. The letter which went viral on the social media pointed out in part that the humanitarian situation of Cameroon is not the best for those Cameroonians to return to their country , citing lack of portable water, housing, war crimes just to name but these few; reasons why the congressmen want an immediate 18-Month designation of temporarily protected status, TPS or deferred enforced departure, DED to be issued. TPS is a statuary deferred action to nationals of a country living in the US if condition in the country make their return unsafe while DED serves as a vital foreign policy tool of the president and another mechanism to protect foreign nationals in the US , from civil, political and humanitarian crises is their return is unsafe.

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