Several Cameroonians Arrested, Deported from UAE


On the night of Tuesday July 20th breaking Wednesday July 21, some Cameroonians living in the United Arab Emirates, UAE were deported back home. It all started when some Nigerians living in Abu Dhabi, headquarters of the UAE were accused by the locals of practicing witchcraft/occultism. This prompted the government of the UAE to write to the Nigerian Embassy; yet nothing was done to address the situation.
A couple of weeks ago a Cameroonian lady and her Nigerian boyfriend reportedly murdered an emeriti, daughter and pregnant wife.

“So she saw a huge sum of money in the house where she was doing nanny job, decided to call her Nigerian boyfriend they decided to kill the man, daughter and pregnant wife and disappear with the money” the source told LKI.
The sad incident provoked mass arrests of Africans mostly Cameroonians and Nigerians living in Abu Dhabi. Some of them according to credible sources were unjustly arrested by police and detained for weeks before their deportation last night.

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