Former PM Rt Hon Simon Achidi Achu Laid to Rest.


The first ever anglophone prime minister the Rt Hon. Simon Achidi Achu has been laid to rest. He was buried in his native Santa Village in the Northwest region of Cameroon on Saturday, May 4, 2021. The prime minister Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute represented the president of the Republic of Cameroon during the state funeral which was attended by thousands of mourners.

The late Rt Hon. Was posthumously raised to the Grand cordon of the Cameroonian Order of Merit during the funeral.

Reading the condolence message of the presidential couples by the governor of the Northwest Region Adolf Lele L’Afrique, the statesman was described as “a level headed and an astute politician”

The funeral was held amid tight security because of lockdown imposed by separatists in Santa was attended by CPDM central committee members, senators, MPs, traditional rulers, religious leaders just to name but these few.

But who was Simon Achidi Achu?

Many called him Pa for his fatherly demeanor and generosity to everyone. Some called him “old fox” because of his political genius and the ability to navigate even the most treacherous political waters with tact, calm and wisdom. He coined the now famous political philosophy of “Politics na Njangi ‘“ Scratch ma back, I scratch your back ”.

Pa Simon Achidi Achu was born Nov 5th, 1934 to Pa Achu Gustav and Abu Susanna Neh, A big brother to many siblings.

He completed primary education in Santa and then continued to Cameroon Protestant College, where he obtained his GCE Ordinary Level. Pa Achu later continued to the University of Yaoundé, where he participated in the creation of the Student Association, which still exists. He also served as the association’s first president. He continued his studies in the National school of Magistracy in Yaoundé and the world-renowned university of Besancon in France where he finetuned his knowledge and skills as a public servant and avid politician.

Pa Achidi Achu was a state magistrate from October 1965 to October 1966. He was later appointed Minister Delegate at the State Federal Inspectorate in late October 1971. He was subsequently appointed Minister of Justice by Cameroon President in July 1972 serving in that position until 1975. Pa Simon then returned to Santa and started the Rock Farm Ranch as a farmer which became a centerpiece of his life until death.

Pa then took a hiatus from the national political stage for several years. During this time, he setup and ran multiple businesses in the Agro, Ship Chandling, Real Estate and car rental industries in Cameroon. Pa also took advantage of this “political Sabbatical” to painstakingly hone his craft as a politician, building a solid constituency one convert at a time and serving as leader in local organizations like the Santa Area cooperative and the Northwest cooperative.

Pa Achu made a comeback to national political scene through the parliamentary elections of 1988 as the victorious candidate on the CPDM ticket. Following President Biya’s victory in the 1992 election, Pa Achidi Achu was appointed as the maiden Anglophone Prime Minister in April 1992 where he served the nation until September of 1996. His “peace broker” role in the political upheavals of the early nineties won him much reputed. He came to the helm of the star building at a time when the nation was at a crossroads of national chaos. Pa employed his years of experience as a grassroot politician combined with his special gift for connecting with human beings from all works of life to initiate and tirelessly drive a national crusade for peace and harmony.

In the April 2013 Senate election, Pa Achidi Achu was elected to the Senate as the top candidate on the CPDM’s list for Northwest region and went on to occupy the role of Vice-President of the Senate.

Pa Achu has spent the last few years before his death primarily as a farmer while continuing his lifelong mission of preaching the gospel of peace, love, reconciliation and unity.

Pas life was an open book, he touched so many people through his kindness, generosity and deep love for everybody. Pa leaves behind a big immediate family and an even larger global family. We encourage everyone to continue to celebrate Pas life through his legacy and by sharing stories, testimonies and personal encounters you have of Pa Achu.

Like he will always end every conversation “You do good, you put for your bag, you do bad you put for your

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