20 Cameroonian Women Write to the UN Security Council and the IMF

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The alleged embezzlement and mismanagement of covid-d 19 funds put at the Disposal of the government of Cameroon by the IMF, the multiple crises plaguing Cameroon and the increasing difficult living conditions of Cameroonians have pushed some 20 Cameroonian women leaders to question the IMF and the United Nations Security Council on what they call unteenth scandal in Particular and the situation of the country in general. They were speaking in a press conference today in Douala. Full details of the press conference here “20 Cameroonian Women Write to the UN Security Council and the IMF

As conflict rages on in various parts of Cameroon, the country is also rocked by a major scandal on embezzled IMF Covid-19 funds. In this rather turbulent moment, Cameroon will be on the international agenda in the coming days.

The UN Security Council will receive the Secretary General’s report on June 7, 2021 and the report on Central Africa will be one of the highlights. Over 10, 000 people have died in Cameroon’s conflicts. After 10 years the country is still fighting Boko Haram and in the Anglophone regions the 4-year conflict is becoming entrenched.

To respond to Covid-19, Cameroon drew on an IMF Facility in 2020. The first audit report on these funds produced in May 2021 shows massive fraud and embezzlement. This as the country is negotiating a new Extended Credit Facility with the IMF and will submit its request to the IMF Executive Board in June.

In this context, 20 of Cameroon’s most important women leaders have come together to write to the international institutions. Their request to the UN Security Council is that the institution take key measures to bring the crisis to an end. To the IMF, Cameroonian women leaders are demanding that no new funds be disbursed until the Covid-19 funds have been accounted for and the government has taken measures for responsible management.

The 20 leaders come from the private sector, civil society and the political arena. They are geographically representative of the entire country and include a wide range of actors from university professors to grassroots activists. The last time Cameroonian women engaged with international institutions on behalf of their country was at independence, 60 years ago.

They have taken a key step. It remains to be seen whether the international institutions will take action in the interest of the Cameroonian people as these women are demanding.”

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