Insecurity on the rise in the city of Limbe


Inhabitants of the seaside resort city of Limbe are calling on the power that be to come to their aid following an unprecedented upsurge in the rate of theft in the city. Many city dwellers say they are being attacked even in broad day light despite the different military bases as well as the heavy presence of the security forces in the city.

” I don’t know the use of these men in uniform ,it would appear all the criminals from other towns are now here in Limbe. These guys climb right up to the third floor” An inhabitant tells LKI.

The alleged bandits have gone to the level of stealing even clothes.
“They have gone to the level of stealing even clothes and shoes if u leave them outside. They attack People in streets , compounds and just everywhere. Another inhabitant laments.

Limbe has now become the replica of Douala, the city of the good, the bad and the ugly

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