Paul Atanga Nji Cautions Arms Dealers in Cameroon

Cameroon Politics

Cameroon’s Territorial Administration Minister Paul Atanga Nji has met with dealers of firearms and ammunitions in the country. The meeting took place on Thursday May 6, 2021 at the conference hall of the ministry. “In spite of the provisions of Law No. 2016/015 of 14 December 2016 on arms and ammunitions in Cameroon, several people still possess modern or locally made firearms without authorizations duly issued by the Minister of Territorial” MINAT Boss declared.

He went further to say that the Ministry of Territorial Administration is the sole authority empowered to issue authorizations for the acquisition and carrying of handguns, hunting weapons and their ammunitions.

He reminded Cameroonians that any request in this regard must be addressed directly to the administrative authorities.

Paul Atanga Nji insisted that henceforth, self-defense weapons, popularly known as “traumatic pistols”, have been prohibited all over the national territory, given the current security context.

He also revealed that as concerning self-defense weapons like “traumatic pistols” law No.2016/015 of 14 December 2016 does not impose any authorization as prerequisite for the sale of this category.
To closely monitor the state of affairs, Paul Atanga Nji has said that his ministry is closely working on a procedure for complete identification for those who intend to purchase specific self-defense weapons adding that , any buyer of a traumatic pistol will also sign a written commitment to comply the code of conduct and safety of holder of a 6th category weapon. He regretted the fact that, highway robbers purchase firearms from some dealers without due authorization from competent authorities or necessary identification. As such, they continue to commit atrocities against the civilian population.

Paul Atanga Nji Ended by prescribing a responsible and republican behavior from
merchants of firearms and ammunitions while warning that defaulters will face the heavy arm of the law.

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