Covid-19 Vaccine:Public Health Minister Sets Example by Taking Vaccine.


Cameroon’s minister of public health has just been vaccinated against Covid-19 at the Covid-19 vaccination centre in Yaounde. The first 200.000 doses of the Sinopharm vaccine from China arrived Cameroon last night and was received by Prime Minister and head of governmment Joseph Dion Ngute. Shortly after receiving the vaccine Dr Manouda Malachie told the press ”I feel so good after receiving the vaccine.”
Mean time in a rare admission of Chinese Covid-19 vaccines China’s top disease control official said the effectiveness is low and the governmemt is considering mixing them to get a boost. ” They don’t have very high protection rates,” the director of the Chinese Centre for disease control, Gao Fu said during a conference Saturday in the Southzestern city of Chengdu.

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