SisterSpeak237 Partners With NCPBM To Combat Hate Speech, Xenophobia In Cameroon


SisterSpeak237 has been identified as a frontline partner in the campaign against hate speech and xenophobia in Cameroon. The campaign is implemented by National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism. Stakeholders civil society organisations, NGOs and youth led associations met in Yaounde today to seek solutions in countering Hate Speech and Xenophobia in Cameroon.

The deliberations were presided over by the President of the NCPBM H.E. Peter MAFANY MUSONGE who urged the stakeholders to join forces with NCPBM and build a strong coalition against hate speech and Xenophobia in Cameroon.
He said hate speech & xenophobia threatens the very foundations of the peaceful cohabitation between individuals and the various sociological components of our country.

The president also admitted that NCPBM alone can not successfully take up the challenge without the participation,availability,and vibrant contribution of the stakeholders with the knowledge of grassroots realities.

According the the coordinator of SisterSpeak237 Comfort MUSSA, their interest in the campaign is to seek an inclusive approach that ensures the active participation of minority groups, women and persons living with disabilities .

She also called for creative approaches that are not business as usual but campaigns that touch heads and hearts helps people make informed choices to communicate responsibly.

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