2021 BAST VIP Elective General Assembly


The new executive Bureau of Baba1 Association of Science And Technology, BAST VIP, has been put in place. The new team was put in place during an elective general assembly which took place in Douala Cameroon.

A new constitution drafted by the constitutional council was headed by Mr. Tita Doh Yakubu was adopted by members who came from all the ten regions of Cameroon.

Tita Toh Yakubu, Pdt CC BAST VIP

Zakari Idresou was overwhelmingly voted the association’s president. Some elites of Baba1 such as Mohnkong Usmanu , Ndzenkingang Tita Isofa were present to supervise and encourage the young men and women vectors of development in their community.

With the economic downturns provoked by the anglophone crisis and worsened by the ongoing coronavirus, BAST is more than ever before determined to promote development peace and unity in Baba1 Community.

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