PAYEAS Offers 3-Year Scholarship To Yogmbomeneyi Roy Wuduiyi


With one of its goals to encourage academic excellence, an association known as ‘Papiakum Young Elites association’, PAYEAS, has offered a 3-year Scholarship to Roy Wuduiyi, the IDP student in the west region who scored 25 points at the 2020 general certificate of education examination, GCE, technical. The association led by Tita Ibrahim on December 24, 2020 in YaoundĂ© handed an envelop of over 300 000frs(three hundred thousand francs CFA) representing partial tuition fees for Wuduiyi Roy.

Roy’s excellent performances at the 2020 GCE session, competitive entrance examinations into national Polytechnic and Higher Technical Teachers’ Training College, HTTTC, University of Bamenda worn the heart of the association.

“Yoghobomeneyi Roy, the chosen one amongst many is the youngest beneficiary met the PAYEAS’ Criteria of the humanitarian support and honour this year” Tita Ibrahim reviewed.

Speaking during the ceremony Roy’s Uncle Mr. Sama Hassan thanked the young dynamic association for their kind gesture towards his nephew.

While encouraging other young students from Baba1 to emulate the good example of Roy, the association notes that the successes of the beneficiary at the competitive entrance examinations into the National Polytechnic and HTTTC, Bambili are clear proofs that Meritocracy still exists in Cameroon.

The beneficiary on his part expressed gratitude to the association and promised to put in his best at through out the time he will be studying.
This is not the first time Roy is being offered scholarship, the president of Saint Louis University Institute Dr. Nick had also offered Roy scholarship to study at Saint Louis shortly after the GCE results were published.

The visit ended with the president of the association Mr. Tita Ibrahim calling on all PAPIAKUM elites home and abroad to work in collaboration in order to promote the goals, growth and development of the association.

By Lasha Kingsly.

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