FIDU Launches Urgent Appeal for International Community to Intervene in Armed Conflict in NW/SW


Following the massacre of some seven children with others wounded by masked armed men at the Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy in Kumba-Meme Division of the North West Region, on Saturday October 24, 2020, Italian federation for Human Rights, FIDU, has launched an urgent appeal aimed at suggesting possible strategies in eradicating the 4years conflict gaining grounds in the restive North West and South West regions of Cameroon.
This is contained in the release dated 30th October 2020 with the organization recounting dearly the Ngurbur incident of February 2019 that left some 12 children and a pregnant woman death, with the Cameroon government allegedly putting blames on the separatist groups.

In line with the recent killings in Kumba, same accusation goes to the Ambazonian forces by the government of Cameroon, who however has failed to provide proofs like in past cases and has proven fake as stated in the releases. They equally believe the International Community has taken actions in preventing such crimes and is calling on all to put end to this conflict.
FIDU however regrets the nonchalant behavior of the International Community, the ruthlessness of the Cameroon government and the resolve of self-determination forces, as it will only spur more massacre and wars to take place. Coming by the release, FIDU is encouraging actions towards a peaceful solution, while calling on the government to take as primary responsibility to end the war.
The over 4years crisis that began as a peaceful protest by the Lawyers and Teachers in the English speaking regions, degenerated to exiles, abductions, illegal transfers and victims subjected to trials in military courts, despite the call for their release by a Nigeria High Court judgment.
The release equally states in parts that it is the responsibility of International Organizations, to create a framework for both parties to be heard, as a way to end the 2016 conflict in the country because the lives of people including children in the North West and South West matters.
According to the release, Cameroon as a member of the Common Wealth of Nations has violated its principles and disregarded its values and calls on the UN, the African and European Unions to provide platforms for Southern Cameroons to lay their claims.
To crown the release, FIDU suggest that limiting the crisis will entail the investigation of the atrocities committed since the start of the crisis to be done by independent observers, an immediate seize fire in the country, possible sanctions and travel restrictions to Cameroon and its state officials, bearers of peace to Southern Cameroons with the people’s right to self determination respected.

By Nai Vona

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