Gunmen Attack Secondary school in Kumba Kill 6 Children, leave several others Wounded

Cameroon Society

Gunmen believed to be members of the anglophone separatist movement this October 24, 2020 attacked Mother Francisca College Bamilike street, in Kumba in the south west region. They stormed the school at about 9am Cameroon time shooting indiscriminately. According to local sources 6 children died on the spot while several others that were injured are now receiving treatment at the Kumba district hospital.

Pastor Boniface Tamungwa lost his 11 year old son in the attack

“My first son was killed amongst the students that were shot. My first son , 11 year old was in form one. We were just in the house, my wife she has been operated twice is just now 1month and some few weeks and we were just trying to do some laundry in the house and a little girl came shouting pastor they have shot your son victory is dead…” He said

Several NGOs , politicians, diplomatic missions have condemned the killings.

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