Crime of Passion: Man Allegedly Kills Girlfriend in Buea Hides Body In Apartment


According to a close relative as reported by Henrietta Thatcher, MENANG NSAKSE KEFU and the late YOH Francina, have been in a relationship for six months.

Francina who works with an NGO in Buea, was recently promoted at her job site, and decided to throw a party to that effect last Sunday October 4, 2020 at her Malingo residence.

Among Francina’s guests was her boyfriend MENANG from Oku, who sources say was visibly having a swelled time at the party.

At about 3 a.m on Tuesday morning, MENANG who had the deceased phone password, called her father from her phone, to announce that his healthy daughter, who was partying lively on Sunday had collapsed and blood oozing from her nose.

Pa Yoh took along with him other family members to Francina’s house, where they met her lifeless body in an already decomposing state, with blood all over her apartment.

Her remains was taken to the hospital, where the Doctor revealed she died a couple of days earlier. Further check equally revealed wounds all over her body, and MENANG was taken to the Police Station for interrogation.

He confessed to the Police that he beat her to death in a fight they had after the party of last Sunday.

Yoh Francina who equally is from Oku in the North West Region as her killer, was only 25 years old at the time of her death.

By Henriette Thatcha

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