Husband of wife who accused him of Sexual harassment wants to give own side of story on TV


Saibu Yakubu, the man whose 21-year-old wife accused of sexually abusing her, has requested to give own side of the story on TV

He made his intentions clear in a letter addressed to the management of Equinox TV where the wife confessed abuses she was going through after being forced into marriage by her parents at the age of 13.

Here is the confession in part that Morojanatu told Equinoxe TV.

“To have sex with me, my husband waits for me to first of all bleed, and if I don’t bleed, he takes a blade and cuts me on the stomach. As soon as blood flows, he will apply it on me before getting to the act.

Again, ever since he married me, he always takes me from the back, even by force, and when I’m sleeping he just jumps on me from behind. I’d rather die than go back to that marriage”

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