Government Suppresses Kamto’s Nationwide Protest


The general atmosphere which characterised some parts of Yaounde, Douala and the West Region of the Country yesterday following an announced nationwide protest called by Professor Maurice Kamto to oust President Paul Biya was that of calm and serenity.

Most Cameroonians in all the ten Regions of the Country went about their daily activities unperturbed. Not withstanding,some business premises in neighbourhoods in Douala, especially at the central market remained shutdown for fear of the unknown. At the Ndokoti round about and fly over, clashes broke out between the protesters and security officers. Tear gas and water cannons were used to disperse the crowd. Some arrests were equally made in the different parts where demonstrations took place. In Yaounde, the seat of state institutions it was a calm and serene atmosphere the population in the Capital City went about it’s activities unperturbed. Pundits say, pockets of persons stopped in at ndokoti, Douala,Bafang and Dschange in the West Region and a hideout in Yaounde further exposed MRC as a party void of grass not supporter. Unconfirmed sources say over 200 persons were arrested yesterday including 4 Journalists some of whom are still in detention. Journalists associations and the Civil Society have condemned the arrest of those Journalists who according to them were just out doing their job of bringing information closer to the population.

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