Cameroon. Kamto meets With officials Of PAP Political Party.


A powerful delegation of the Popular Action Party led by Njang Denis has met with opposition leader Maurice Kamto this 14th day of September 2020. The agenda was to strategize on how to kick Biya out of Power come September 22 according to the secretary general of the party , Fabrice Lena.

The Popular Action Party Proposes a document on “Coalition of Opposition for Resistance”, and a detailed strategic mechanisms of how coordinated Non-violent action will help to Oust the failed incumbent government to Prof Maurice Kamto and other Progressive Forces.

In a meeting of harmonizing objectives, the PAP delagation headed by the national president Njang Denis met with the President of the CRM Party Prof Maurice Kamto today, to discuss common strategies and guarantee that the plight is of the people of Southern Cameroons is resolved in any process of Political Transition.

We also discuss the need to continuously lobby for other progressive Forces, to be more tolerant, the need to harmonize our views for a common goal.

Fabrice Lena_SG-PAP”

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