Nshom Neville Sama Suspected of Stealing Motorbike Dies awaiting Trial At New Bell Prison.


Nshom Neville Sama from Oku in the Northwest region arrested on July 28, 2020 in Douala and detained at the New Bell central prison in connection to the theft of a motorbike died on Thursday, September 10 chained to his sick bed at the Laquintine hospital.

According to Neville’s Elder sister, Eileen Sama the brother was not arrested in connection to the ongoing crisis in the Northwest and southwest regions as earlier reported by some media organs; but in connection to a theft incident in Douala.

She explains further that Neville who had been living with her since late 2018 had a psychiatric criss.

“My brother had been living with me here in Douala since late 2018. He had a psychiatric crisis and whenever it started he starts picking things and is sometimes aggressive when it deteriorates. She explains.

The law enforcement officers and the plentive according to the sister failed to believe her when she told them the brother had a psychiatric criss.

The demise of Neville started when he was tortured and brutalised by other inmates at the prison and equally refused the chance of being admitted and given proper medical attention in hospital.

” I took him to hospital to see a psychiatric doctor at laquintine hospital on Monday September 3, 2020. I proposed that he be admitted but the prison guards told me that wasn’t the instructions from the authorities so he had to be taken back to New Bell prison. Medications were prescribed relating to the psychiatric crisis which I bought and he started taking but physically he was not ok. Few days back his health got worse, he had running stomach, started stooling blood and on Monday he fell into a comma. Only Then was he rushed to hospital with chains on his legs.” Sama Eillen recounts.

To be continued…

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