Regional Elections: Atanga Nji threatens Kamto with Live imprisonment

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Cameroon’s Territorial Administration boss_Paul Atanga Nji, has threatened the leader of Cameroon renaissance movement political party with a life imprisonment over election disruption, following Kamto’s announcement of a nation wide protest on September 2 2020.
The Ministee’s threat, comes hours after the presidential decree, signed Monday 7th September 2020, convening the pioneer regional elections for december 6 2020, in all the 10 regions of the country.

Minister Paul recounts on Monday during a press conference that, a jail term awaits any politician who disrupts the very first regional elections in the country. According to Paul Atanga Nji, I quote when you joke with a beehive, you should know exactly what awaits you, because you cannot escape, Paul antanga Nji warned.
During the press conference in Yaoundé the minister defends the head of state’s decision as the final stage in the establishment of state institution, as stipulated by the 1996 constitution.
The election of regional councillors he says, will end the electoral cycle, that began march 25, 2018 with senatorial election, followed by presidential election on October same year, and the twin legislative a d municipal election early this year.
He further adds that, the realization of the regional election, will help the head of state’s implement the greater opportunity prpgram, for which he was voted for on October 7,2018.

Minister Atanga Nji has also warned political parties, not to tamper with the elections because actions of disorder will not be tolerated. He equally highlighted some legal provisions to be applied, if any irresponsible acts of politicians surface.
He ended by sounding a stern warning, stating clearly that such actions will faulted, as administrative authorities have been instructed on the necessary measures, in the maintainance of law and order in the country.
It should be recalled that, the election concerns only delegates and traditional rulers of the 1st,2nd and 3rd classes as contained in section 245 sub 2 referring to section 230 of the electoral code.
Elecam cameroon, will then publish the list of qualified candidates before the day of the pool.

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