PAP Endorses Kamto’s call for a Popular Uprising in Cameroon

Cameroon Politics

To the National President of the,
Cameroon Renaissance Movement Political Party,
Prof. Maurice KAMTO.


Mr President, on behalf of the Popular Action Party (PAP), it is with great honour that we received your letter. It was to us, a proof that you truly have all Cameroonians at heart, conscious of the fast deteriorating nature of the country. We think your outing and actions are a wake-up call for Cameroonians of good faith and conscience, who truly love and want the best for our beloved country to rise as a people to say enough is enough to this regime of mediocrity and barbarism.

Mr President, that you deemed it necessary at this point in time to call the attention of the PAP, we appreciate. The PAP and the CRM share much in common, vis-à-vis the socio-political situation at stake. Since the days of my predecessor, Justice Ayah Paul, there has always been a very cordial relationship between you both and the different political parties. In this light, I believe in the need to uphold that long standing relationship for the good of our people and our respective political parties.

Mr President, we seize this opportunity to congratulate you and your party for the enormous sacrifices you are putting to let Truth, Justice, Peace, Democracy, Development and Progress prevail in this country. We are very much aware of the fact that for the past 40yrs, Cameroonians have been living in bondage and as we all know, it is not easy to survive dictatorship. And Added to the already declining government we are now plagued with the Anglophone crisis. It is pathetic to note that for four years running; Mr. Biya has not just hijacked state institutions but has also proven beyond reasonable doubts, that the lives of the people of former British Southern Cameroons do not matter to him and his government.

To this effect, the PAP would stop at nothing to support whatever initiative put in place to ensure that we oust this, illegitimate, incompetent and dictatorial regime of Mr Biya and accomplices.
As it now stands Mr. President, we strongly believe our concern should be a politics of change and not one of positioning. We place the peoples’ lives first before all political gains and it is in this light that we wish to strengthen our collaboration with the CRM. That though the anglophone crisis remains a burning reality that requires immediate action, we do not however wish that it simply serves as a stepping stone to our political ambitions and gains, for the blood already spilt speaks more to our consciences than our individual interests.

Once more sir, we salute this resistance phase you have initiated and request your office for more consultations for a common Coalition of the Opposition Resistance Front. The PAP is willing and opened at any time to collaborate with you and your party for any strategy you deem necessary for the both parties to join their forces.
While hoping for fruition, we remain your humble partners.

Done at Yaoundé, on August 31ST , 2019

  National President    

    NJANG Denis TABE

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