Economy: Dion Ngute and Tawamba Strategize on How to Relaunch Cameroon’s economy hit by Covid-19


Prime Minister Chief Doctor Dion Ngute has held a consultative talk with the president of Cameroon employer’s union Celestine Tawamba. The meeting is the fulfilment of a promise made by prime minister chief Dr. Joseph to Tawamba that he was going to call for a meeting to discuss the taxation policy during the covid-19 pandemic. The consultation which held through video conferencing is coming amid growing complains from the private enterprises on the difficulties they have in copping with the current health crisis.

During the online meeting chaired PM Dion Ngute assisted by the minister of finance , Louis Paul Motaze, the minister of the Econome Alamine Ousman Mey and the minister of trade Luc Malgloire Mbarga Atangana listened keenly to the complains of Celestine Tawamba who said the business community has suffered great effects of the pandemic as he complained that they have recorded an annual loss of 3119 billion and have suspended over 53,000 jobs. Tawamba pleaded with the PM for a more supportive taxation policy during these trying moments which according to GICAM head is the best way to relaunch Cameroon’s economy.

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