Human Rights Watch Repot Indicts government and separatist forces.

Cameroon Society

In its report published today in Nairobi Kenya, human rights watch accuses the government of Cameroon and separatists fighters of committing gross human rights abuses in the Northwest and southwest regions of Cameroon.

According to the rights group Cameroonian armed forces have attacked a health facility in the North-West region and arbitrarily arrested seven health workers in the South-West, while armed separatists have killed at least six civilians, including a humanitarian worker and a teacher, since May 2020.

The violence took place despite peace talks between the government and jailed leaders of the Ambazonia Interim Government , a separatist group, on June 16

According to Lewis Mudge, Central African Director at human rights watch all parties to the talks should publicly commit to immediately end abuses against civilians & ensure that victims have access to effective remedies.

The report partly states that based on the information reported by the media and non governmental organisations , the right body estimates that at least 285 civilians have been killed in about 190 incidents since January, 2020 as well as the displacement of tens thousands of people adding to the hundreds of thousands who have fled their homes since the conflict began in late 2016. Full report here…

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