Cameroon Politics: New Political Party Born

Cameroon Politics

A new political party is born in Cameroon. The party which has just been launched in Yaounde today is known as United Cameroon For Peace And Progress,UCPP. According to the Founder and president Mua Roland the party has as objective to champion the unity of Cameroon.

The young politician and promoter of One Cameroon media Group had recently lambasted the Biya’s Regime for not supporting him financially in his project(One Cameroon Media Group) which according to him to was to strengthen national unity.

“The National President of the UCPP a party with 6 millions members and symopatizers is calling on all separatists to drop thier weapons and leave the bushes as the only good way for change is through the ballot box” Mua Roland said.

He equally reviews that he has accepted the people’s call to present his candidature for the upcoming 2025 presidential Elections.

The regime has already used all our skills in state administration and it’s time to vote them out for a better Cameroon controlled by youth” Roland added.

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