New Executive Members of PAP Installed.

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On the 11th July 2020, the new government of the Popular Action Party under the leadership of Njang Denis Tabe became one year old.

In an enlarged assembly, the National Council evaluated President Njang Denis’ one year in office.
According to contributions by active members of the National Council, the Popular Action Party had within just one year, gained both national and international repute, in the aspects of mitigating violence, pressurizing government through media declarations and manifestations to solve the Anglophone Crisis and the multiple crisis affecting Cameroon.

The press was reminded of the party’s stance on the present socio-political situation in the country;
✓Ceasefire, return to the 1961 Constitution in a roundtable discussion to solve the Anglophone Crisis.
✓ The party not going in for any Elections organized by the Biya’s Regime with the current electoral code and electoral body.
✓ The Party’s openness for members of the public, other Political Parties with genuine intentions to alter the Political Narratives of Cameroon.
✓The Popular Action Party Supports and stands for internal and external pressure on the current regime till complete Political Transition.

The National Council also recalled all the declarations they had made within this one year like;
√ The major National Dialogue √Ngarbuh massacre √Babanki killings
√school resumption √Wazizi’s death and many other Sociopolitical issues affecting Cameroon and Cameroonians.

The Saturday 11th July Event that took place at the Stand Up For Cameroon headquarters at Essos was also an occasion for the party to present to the National and International community the restructuring and readjustments within the party as follows:

PAP National Council.
(Adjustments and Restructuring)

From 07/07/2020
Njang Denis Tabe
National President

Yoweri Precidis
Vice President 1

Roger Takar Takie
Vice president 2

Fabrice Lena
Secretary General

Mburli Roger
National Organizing Secretary

Njine Baneh Elvis
National Communication Secretary

Aben Nerrisia Aben
National Treasurer

Sama Hassan
Technical Adviser

Ngwiche Colleth
Deputy Secretary General

Ndage George
Deputy Organizing secretary

Chuo Walters
Deputy Communication Secretary

They all pledged their undaunted devotedness not just to the party, but also to the nation as a whole.
Once, again, the National President reminded the new National Council members the task that awaits and said he was proud and of course, confident of his new “etat-major.”

The occasion was graced by some representatives of political parties and opinion holders like
Maitre Michelle Ndoki of MRC
Sambit Kohtem Princewill of MP3 and Woumenyi Betrand.
During program, a sub point Talk Show some of the guests of honour like Mme Ndoki regretted the fact that we were today in a situation where, the sit-tight regime in Yaounde has been manipulating the common people to hate each other whereas, they were supposed to rise against their common enemy which is the government.
She like Mr. Sambit pointed out that, the real issue in Cameroon today about the hate speech is nurtured and sponsored by a handful of people in government that could eventually destroy the entire country, if care is not taken.
To them, it is paramount that Cameroonians look beyond party and tribal lines and face the illegitimate regime in place.

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