Cameroonians Worried Over Government’s Reconstruction Process of NW/SW

Cameroon Society

As world leaders mount more pressure on Biya’s Regime and the separatist fighters to call for a ceasefire in the two English speaking regions, the government has apparent has apparently ignored the calls and is going on with the reconstruction plan of the war ravaged regions as agreed during the major national Dialogue in Yaoundé last year.

Paul Tasong and his deputy on Monday, June 22 began holding meetings with local representatives and the administration.

The national coordinator launched the awareness and sensitisation campaign tour if the two regions in Bamenda chief town of the Northwest Region.

Many Cameroonians are worried that the initiative may collapse as fighting is still going on.
” The government should have started with the reconstruction of the mindsets of the population first not going to build infrastructure when fighting is still going on. Dr. Nick Ngwanyam has said.

To Fabrics Lena of the Popular Action Party, this is another failed step taken by the government as the plan is bound to failed from day one.

The annual plan budget adopted by the steering committee of the Reconstruction plan on may 13, 2020 stood at 36 billion 321 million to run from may 2020 to April 2021.

The three priority areas comprise of social cohesion, rebuilding of damaged infrastructure and revitalization of the economy of the regions.
As the concerns the rebuilding of infrastructure, 60 schools will be constructed within on year period in the NW and 45 in the SW with an estimated cost of 10 billion Fcfa.

Some 25 health centres will in the same period be constructed in the NW and 20 in the SW.
A total of 155 water points with solar systems will be built in both regions at the unit cost of 33 million citizens in each of the regions. A total of 174 schools in the NW and 119 in the SW will be rebuilt.

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