PM Orders For Acceleration of Transfer Of Covid-19 Patients To Specialized Units

Cameroon Health Politics

Prime Minister Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute on Thursday presided over by video Conferencing the weekly meeting of the inter ministerial committee in charge of evaluating and monitoring the implementation of government’s response strategy against the Covid-19 pandemic in Cameroon. During the presentation of reports by competent ministers, it was revealed that with regard to the evolution of the virus in Cameroon ten thousand six hundred and thirty eight (10,638) have tested positive of the disease with 7, 548 recoveries and 2 82 deaths recorded since the pandemic came to Cameroon.
With regards to modalities prior to the resumption of international flights , the minister of transport reported on the meeting he held with stakeholders of the air transport sector on June 16 revealing that the various recommendations have been validated by airline companies concerned.

The minister of state minister of tourism and leisure on his part specified that hygienic rules and social distancing are being respected in hotels , restaurants and other leisure facilities.

While Minet libong Li Likeng of post and telecommunications gave accounts of the progress of the process to set up an African platform to fight against the pandemic.

At the end of discussions the head of Government instructed the inter alia on the following.

The minister of Public health was instructed to accelerate the transfer of covid 19 patients from conventional hospitals to specialized treatment centres. The minister of transport to ensure that the management protocol that will be implemented as soon as international flights resume specifies the responsibilities and obligations of each stakeholders for the boarding and landing of passengers And the minister of tourism to ensure that precautionary measures and applied in all hotels and restaurants. And finally the minister of post and telecommunications to ensure that all the steps incumbent on Cameroon for the establishment of the African digital platform to fight covid 19 are completed within the prescribed deadlines

The prime minister concluded by reminding members of government that all the measures prescribed by the Head of State Paul BIYA on 17 March 2020 to fight covid -19 which have not yet been lifted remain in force throughout the national territory.

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