Fight Against Covid-19: PM Dion Ngute Receives His Lordship Samuel Kleda


Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute transmitted the Head of State’s encouragement to the prelate, who set up a solution based on the traditional pharmacopoeia.

Recognition from the authorities saluted by the man of God.

“The Prime Minister invited me to come and meet him to present to him what I am doing, the treatment I have set up against the Coronavirus. I salute this attention because it is in the name of the Head of State”, said Archbishop Samuel Kleda.

According to the figures presented by the bishop, around 1,500 people who received his treatment have recovered.

“We started almost three months ago, we applied the product to almost 1,500 people who had symptoms of Coronavirus and after the treatment, the symptoms disappeared, so I would say they are cured”, explains the former president of the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon.

He says the treatment is currently 100% effective.

“For the people who followed the treatment normally, we did not know any death”, he affirms.

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