Covid-19: Government Blamed for Poor Behavior of Yaoundé City Dwellers.


Inhabitants of Yaounde are likely to experience an increase in New cases of Corona this month as its inhabitants have stopped yielding to measures put in place by Goverment to contain the virus.

Most people walk the streets going about thier businesses without the use of face masks while hand washing is now history.
Those who are still conscious go about with face masks hanging below thier chin and a majority of the population either have them in thier pockets or at home.
To some, face masks should be used only in crowded places like markets and bus station.some say, they stopped putting on face mask as soon as government relieved it’s ban on bars. walking down the streets, one would easily find breast feeding mothers exposing thier babies to the virus as they do no have face masks to keep them protected.

No one finds its necessary to wash their hands any longer.water cans are not put into use as they were in the weeks past.

However the virus is still on and people risk contracting it if this attitude continues.Madam Tantoh Theresia, Chief media officer at Etoug Ebe Baptist Hospital calls on the population to continue living by the measures put in place as she explains that, “constant hand washing with soap is very important as it washes away the virus if contacted and wearing of face masks protects you from anybody who has gotten in contact with the virus unknowingly “

The question as to who should stop the spread of the virus is not a thing of the government. Individuals have to take full responsibility of themselves.

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