Douala 5 Receives Presidential Kits To Fight Covid-19

Cameroon Politics

The Senior Divisional officer for Wouri Division, Benjamin Mboutou has called on the local population of Douala 5 Subdivision to scrupulously respect the measures put in place by the government of Cameroon to help reduce the spread of Covid-19 in the country.

He was speaking Monday at the office of the Divisional Officer of Douala five at Kotto while handing over some basic materials to help fight against the deadly coronavirus pandemic donated by the president of the Republic of Cameroon to all the local the 360 Subdivisions of Cameroon.

The materials handed over to the local population in Douala five included Facemasks, hand sanitizers, soaps, and buckets amongst others.

“This is the time for action and the president thought it wise to give this kits because you cannot wash your hands without Savon, you cannot wash with a bucket” I am calling on you the

population to continue washing your hands ” Benjamin said

He also warned the population to be more responsible as they go about their daily activities.

“I hear people say hoo!!!, corona is finished! No, we have to be more vigilant now, corona is with us, it is not finish, it is not because you have been allowed to go to bars beyond 6 pm, you have to continue observing the measures prescribed by the government” SDO added.

The Divisional Office was very happy with the presidential gift in his locality and noted that they will be put into effective use and will not be used to serve a different purpose.

The few but highly politically appreciated gifts from the president of the president of Cameroon if divided, will not be able to meet up with the population demands of Douala five puts together; However the vulnerable population have been prioritised as outlined by Paul Biya.

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