Inhabitants of Makepe Misoke Bloc 5 Protest Against Forceful Eviction


Inhabitants of Makepe Misoke bloc 5 this morning staged a protest demonstration against what they called forceful eviction from their lands.

According to the inhabitants, one Mr. Etube who claims to be the Rightful owner of the entire Makepe Misoke bloc 5 has connived with the chief of the village and the administration to get them evicted from the land they have been occupying since 1982.

“They send Gendarmes to come beat us up on the land we have been occupying since 1982. Where do we go to , we don’t have any place to go to” one of the inhabitants explains.

The DO for Douala 5 sub division Mr. Mathias Tayen Fombele who refused to answer any question from our team said he was not ware of the situation; but promised to open an investigation into the matter.

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