Political Party Leaders, Civil Society Actors React To Gov’t Report


Since the publication of the findings on Valentine’s day massacre in Ngarbuh Doga Mantung Division Northwest region of Cameroon Biya president Tuesday, many political and civil society actors have expressed mixed reactions as regards the commission’s findings

To Bar. Tamfu Richard, the report is incomplete.


“The Ngarbuh report lacks essential elements.
1- How many people were killed in total?
2- How many houses were destroyed?
3- Where are the survivors and what means of subsistence do they have ?
4- Where is the guy who was arrested supposedly sending images to Human Rights Watch?
5-Report says the vigilantes will be searched for, why? The SDO of Donga Mantung should release the name of those who create and finance them. What happens to the SDO & Governor who visited area and told lies?
6- The Ngarbuh massacre led to more conflict between fulanis and locals,what is put in place for reconciliation?
7- Governor announced presidential commission on February 27 why does the report talk of 17.
8- Will another commission be created to access losses,damages,deaths etc for compensation ?
9-What is the legal status of the vigilantes ?
10- How do you convince me that this is not a pattern of military excesses ?
11-The evidence is flagrante, that trial should not drag on like that of the soldiers who killed mother and children some years back in the North.
12-Can we revisit all the reports of massacres in the NW/SW published by NGO ‘s ? He wrote on his face book page.

To the national president of the Cameroon People’s Party CPP and national coordinator of Stand Up For Cameroon Madam Edith Kah Walla, the report is a victory for all human rights defenders and political parties in Cameroon.

While congratulating the government the Yaounde regime for the impartial , independent and fair manner in which the inquiry was carried out, Kah however said is just a small victory as the main persons behind the massacre are still occupying their offices in Yaoundé.

Kah Walla has also condemned the government for what she says giving arms to one community to fight another.

It should be recalled that some NGO’s and political parties have been indicted by the government for their reports on the massacre tagging them agents of destabilisation.

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