Biya Signs Decree Reducing Prison Sentences In Cameroon


President Paul Biya breaks silence, and signs decree reducing prison sentences in Cameroon!

Some key clauses include reduction of death sentence to life imprisonment, commutation to 25 years to persons initially sentenced to death and whose sentence has already been commuted to life imprisonment, commutation to 25 years in favour of persons initially sentenced to life imprisonment that has not yet been commuted. (Check out the rest of the clauses below)

The provisions of the decree shall not apply to
1- Fugitives at the date of signature of the present decree
2- Recidivist offenders
3- Persons imprisoned and sentenced for an offence while in detention
4- Persons sentenced for the following offences:

  • security of the state
  • offences on the acts of suppression of terrorism
  • Misappropriation of public property
  • corruption, indulgence, favour, procuring favouritism, influence, interest in grant.
  • Undue influence and undue demand, counterfeit note production…
  • customs or tax fraud.

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