PM Chairs Cabinet Meeting Through Video Conferencing


Prime minister chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute on Thursday launched a new way of meeting with government cabinet ministers. Video conferencing will henceforth be used as a new way of coordinating inter ministerial activities.
The head of government on Thursday chaired his first inter-ministerial meeting geared towards the fight against covid 19 by video conferencing. At a time when the PM was meeting with cabinet ministers to evaluate how far they have to go with the implementation of measures to fight covid 19 in Cameroon, taxi drivers in Douala were on strike over government conditions to fight the corona virus in Cameroon. According to the drivers , they cannot respect the measures that only 3 passengers should be transported in a taxi without any accompanying measures like reduction of fuel prices at filling stations.
On April 1, PM chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute renewed the 15 days measures put in place to curb the spread of the pandemic.
As per March 17 decision, the borders remained closed,as public and private training institutions.
The ban on issuing visas to Cameroonians and the ban on assembling of more than 50 people among other measures are maintained.

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