K-Tino Writes To Lady Ponce & Mani Bella


K-Tino has written an open letter to her Bikutsi daughters Bikutsi including Lady Ponce and Mani Bella who recently took to the social media insulting each other.

“Letter to my daughters
My children we had a hard time imposing women in bikutsi, it took time to gain acceptance let’s not spoil the little esteem and consideration that we had
My daughters, the time has come to make peace, to calm down we have done ourselves a lot of harm, we have rejected ourselves … why ?! Does bikutsi need this ?! No, I do not think so
The fans, the men, the clans do not help us some fan and are proud to see the sorry spectacle that we offer them
Please my children, let’s have a thought for Ntoumba Minka and Manu Dibango who left a few days ago
Please my children, the Covid19 is wreaking havoc.

My children, I apologize first because I no longer intervene in the couple problems, what my daughter experiences can happen to everyone, our beautiful son has done wrong to deliver his wife on social networks, thank you for his request for forgiveness … To my daughter forgive even if you no longer live with him … for the rest of your career you will, like the other girls, always have my unwavering support
My daughters you are all mothers of children please think of them, ask yourselves some questions, do you speak because u want to speak?
I am writing this message in tears please make peace, forgive yourselves and speak to each other.

The one who is ready for forgiveness you have my number call me, or come home
Stop hypocrisy in bikutsi
I love you all
A crying mom.
Forgive yourself and erase all negative messages on your respective walls.
Sorry sorry sorry
Your mama Ktino
Stop Coronavirus, let’s wash our hands
Respect the measures prescribed by the government
I love you
I love all of you
Meteu ding mina “

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