Fire Ravages Apartment at Mobile Guinness Neighborhood Douala

Human Interest Society

A fire outbreak at Mobile Guinness Neighborhood in Douala Cameroon has ravaged an apartment with all its contents. According to an eyewitness account the fire which broke out Friday night was cause by an AC which got heated up.

“My bro was from sport then he put on the AC and it immediately started producing flames. We then switch off everything in house including the Meter; but it was too late as the flames had already spread to other parts of the house” The eyewitness account said.

She also added that all efforts to put off the fire with sand went futile.
” I came out the time i went down to carry sand it was already to late” the source added.

Elsewhere in Garoua 3 children of the same family in Northern Cameroon have also perished in a fire incident which broke out last night as the children were in deep sleep.

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