Government Reacts To Galim & Bamenda Women’s Day Terrorist Attacks

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Following a bomb explosion in Bamenda on Sunday, March 8 2020, the government of Cameroon makes public official figures of the terrorist attack.

Communication Minister and government spokesperson Rene Emmanuel Sadi has in a press release on Sunday stated that one soldier was killed and seven others seriously injured in a bomb explosion in Bamenda on women’s day as governor Lele L’Afrique delivered speech at the commercial avenue ceremonial grandstand.

Of the seven members of the defence and security forces Sadi details that four soldiers, two policemen and one civilian are the victims of the attack.

All the injured persons, Minister Sadi adds were evacuated by helicopter to the Douala General Hospital and are receiving medical care.

Still in the press release, Minister Sadi confirmed Saturday’s terrorist attack in Galim in the West Region, stating that like the Bamenda International Women’s day attack, it was orchestrated by “secessionist rebels”

It is worth mentioning that suspected Anglo militias generically referred to as amba boys have in viral video brandished weapons reportedly seized from security forces.

The weapons comprise of over thirty guns of different categories, military and police dresses and bags. A motorbike shown in the video has an inscription ‘police’ written on its tank with a matriculation number SN 5538 and a Cameroon flag.

The video went viral barely 72 hours after the attack on a police station and a gendarmerie brigade which happened simultaneously in Galim, Bamboutos division West region of Cameroon .

A group claiming to be the Ambazonia Restoration Forces has in a video claimed responsibility for the attack on the Galim police station and gendarmerie. Brandishing weapons allegedly seized in the attack, they have promised to do more in subsequent attacks.

The conspicuous silence of opinion leaders , national and international communities over the the terrorist attacks in Galim and Bamenda have been lambasted by the government of Cameroon.

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