Mallam Danjuma Eyewitness To Ngarbuh Massacre Found dead

Human Interest

Disappeared four days ago later killed by gunmen and dumped, Mallam Danjuma was an eyewitness who spoke to the BCC, Human Rights watch and the united nations during investigations on the Valentine’s day massacre in Ngarbuh Ndonga Mantung Division in Northwest Cameroon.

Mallam Danjuma was reportedly taken away by Cameroon’s security forces four days ago and his lifeless body found on 29th February 2020 in his Kikaikilaiki village in Bui Division.

The BBC, United Nations, Human Rights Watch, the diocese of Kumbo have all given figures of the massacre ranging between twenty and thirty persons killed and some of the bodies of the victims burnt. Statistics which have been rejected and qualified by the government of Cameroon as fake.

As accusing fingers are being pointed at the security and defence forces for the death of Mr. Danjuma, Popular opinion also blames the UN, Human Rights Watch for failing to protect their witness Mallam Danjuma.

The death of Mallam Danjuma comes at the time when president Paul Biya has created a commission to probe into the massacre and the commission has been given 8 days to submit their findings to the president.

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