CRM Supporters Storm Party’s Head Office In Douala to Listen to Kamto

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Thousands of Cameroonians today stormed the headquarters of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Political party at Grand Moulin in Douala to listen to the national president prof. Maurice Kamto.

During his key note address this Wednesday, Kamto told his supporters to prepare for future victories, shunt violence and war because he does not have the weapons and military might to fight a war.

Kamto also called on each an every Cameroonian family both home and abroad to set a day of national mourning for victims of the Ntumbaw-Ngarbuh Massacre as he regrets the fact that the government of Cameroon has not yet set a date of national mourning for the victims.

On the anglophone crisis, prof. Kamto urged Biya to release Ayuk Julius Tabe and all those detained in connection to the Anglophone crisis as well as all political prisoners.

The opposition leader who claims to have won the October 2018 presidential elections in Cameroon arrived last night after spending over 3 weeks in Europe and America where he met with Cameroonians, party supporters, international diplomats and white house officials.

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