Presidency of Cameroon Reacts To Macron’s Declarations on Biya.


The Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon has expressed more concerns about Macron’s outing last Saturday in Paris as he ersponded to Calibri Calibro , an activist of Cameroonian origin on alleged violations of fundamental Human rights in Cameroon. This information is contained in a press release signed Monday, February 24 2020 by the secretary general at the presidency Ferdinand NGO NGO. The communique states that

-” The Head of State has given clear and firm instructions that defense and security forces, always perform their duties with professionalism and that the allegations relating to possible abuses should systematically be subject of investigations and, probably appropriate sanctions

  • Majority of Cameroonians, on the occasion of the presidential election of October 7, 2018, massively renewed their confidence in President Paul Biya, to guide them in the fight for peace, security, development, consolidation of the rule of law, democracy and national unity.

  • The President of the Republic of Cameroon is accountable for his action to the sole sovereign Cameroonian people and not to a foreign leader, even from a friendly country.

  • The President of the Republic is fully engaged in the accomplishment of the heavy and exhilarating mission that Almighty God and the sovereign people entrusted him and does not need pressure.

  • Since the onset of the crisis in the north-west and south-west regions, it has spared no effort to find peaceful solutions there. These efforts culminated in the holding of the Grand National Dialogue, which recommendations are gradually being implemented
  • The presidency firmly condemns and rejects the allegations of the so-called activists”

The SG of the central committee of the ruling CPDM party through a communique also condemned the outing.

On Monday February 24, 2020 hundreds of youths stormed the French embassy and consulate in Yaounde and Douala respectively to show their solidarity to the head states and to denounce Macron’s outing.

In the same spirit , some Cameroonian youths Northern Cameroon equally took to the streets of Garoua this Tuesday Morning to condemn Macron’s utterances towards their president.

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