Cameroon World

And obliges MACRON to speak on Cameroon’s burning issues today at the salon de l’agriculture.
The French President’s attention is drawn to a Cameroonian activist popularly known as Callibri Callibro calling his name.
Macron says he’s following the Cameroon dossier closely . He says he had told Biya he was not going to receive him till Maurice KAMTO had been freed from jail. Biya released him before coming to meet him the French President says.
Callibro brings up the arrest of Rosange Njimengi who was jailed for voicing her intentions to boycott the election in Bagangte as well as Mamadou MOTA of the MEC. He asked the activist for the names of the remaining political prisoners and said he’s putting pressure on Biya.
He briefs the president on the continuous massacre of Anglophones and the French President says he is following the issue closely and will continue to increase pressure on the Biya regime.

While my Amba brothers are busy bullying insulting and shouting at everyone, BAS etc are giving you big lessons on political activism.

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