Stand Up For Cameroon On General Conduct Of February 9 Twin Elections

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Fellow Compatriots,
According to currently available voters statistics: over 70% of registered voters did not vote!
Three main reasons explain this striking detachment from the Biya elections.

The first reason is that the people of Kamerun are less and less fooled by the phrases Biya has been uttering to them for decades, when in the end, they see no changes for the better. On the contrary: from the regime’s aggravated electricity and water cuts to impassable roads, lack of employment for young people, teachers at risk in schools where violent practices are common and increasing violence of the authorities keeps gaining grounds, the feeling of growing peril has dissuaded many Kamerunais from going to vote, especially as the vote changes nothing.

The second reason is that our organization Stand Up For Cameroon (SUFC) and some others had called for a boycott of the elections.
This call was heard!
For months, long before Mr. Biya convened the electorate, SUFC and its members had been taking many actions calling for abstinence from the elections. We would like to express our deepest thanks to all our compatriots who took the pain to listen to our message, amplified it and made it politically stronger by not going to the polls. They have thus shown that it is possible to defeat decisions that the authorities seem to be taking in defiance of reality, such as the calling of last Sunday’s elections.
SUFC went further: on February 7, two days before the elections, to organize a big march in Yaounde. The success of this event, which brought together hundreds of people from several regions, particularly from the North-West and South-West, is a testament to the fact that we must stop letting ourselves be taken advantage of in this country. This is an opportunity to denounce the arrival of the security forces on the scene, when we were in the context of the electoral campaign, where everyone theoretically had the right to express his/her position and where we saw many events held by the party in power. Why was an attempt made to stop the peaceful rally of SUFC in Yaounde by force? Are only CPDM folklore rallies with rice and plantain distributions allowed in this country?

The third reason is the war in the North-West and South-West. This war is dividing our country into two, which is terrible, but it is even capable of causing worse than that! In Yaoundé, sheltered behind their protective devices, arsonists are amused; as if they did not see the suffering of the people of the North-West and South-West, as if they did not see the disaster of the loss of human lives, including those of our forces of defense.
Going to the elections under these conditions, knowing fully well that the people of the North-West and South-West would not vote freely, was like spitting in the face of our English-speaking brothers and sisters.
Mr Biya’s blindness leads him to believe that he can end this war with arms. SUFC says no: the solution to this war is political, not military! We need gestures of appeasement. Political prisoners must be freed! We need cease-fires, even if only in a few places, to begin with and finally we need dialogue that leads to peace.

As the government seems unwilling to do all these and as we are moving closer and closer to disaster every day, the people of Kamerun must take this matter into their hands. They are capable of doing so, as they have just demonstrated by their abstention. Taking this matter in hand means mobilizing for work centered on the masses themselves, political parties, associations, personalities, representatives of localities, etc. An undertaking which aims to define new rules of life in our country, within the framework of a True National Dialogue, to solve all the problems we are living through, the war in the North-West and South-West being only one of these problems. This is what we call the Transition that must lead to a new Republic. The people of Cameroon are capable of this and they must do it.
We ask the people of Kamerun:
1️⃣To wear black every Friday as a sign of protest against this regime and as a demand for Political Transition.
2️⃣ To join us in Stand Up For Cameroon.
3️⃣ To participate in the activities and actions that we are going to carry out to obtain the change we hope for.

Let us go forth with the Transition!
Long live SUFC!
Long live Kamerun!
14 February 2020

For Stand Up For Cameroon


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