February 9 Twin Elections:The Etoke-Lebaga Political Agenda For Fako East Constituency


“The Change You Need Is In Your Hands, We Can Only Do More”- Team Etoke-Lebaga, 2020

Over the past years, there have been a number of political agendas that have been clearly distinguishable and talked about. Former American President John F. Kennedy had a political agenda to return America to superiority in space, and vowed to put a man on the moon. President George W. Bush sought to take a hard line against terrorism. Health care reform was one of President Barack Obama‘s main points of emphasis, and Kenya’s third President Mwai Kibaki’s Vision 2030 is the country’s development blueprint covering the period 2008 to 2030.
The objective for Team Etoke –Lebaga 2020-2025 Project is to help transform Fako East into a peaceful haven.
Our vision was developed through an all-inclusive and participatory stakeholder consultative process; whereby the Vision is based on Six “pillars”: Peace and Social Justice, Health, Education, Sustainable Development, Youth And Women Empowerment

The Cross Over
Crossing over from The CPDM To the SDF Was the only option I had given my determination to continue serving the people of Fako East Constituency
As faith would have its ways of doing things, there was Lady Emma Nanyongo Lebaga waiting to compliment, a senior treasurer and an advocate of women’s right, lady Emma Nanyongo Lebaga, is a woman with the Passion to serve.

First Mandate Balance Sheet
Our first mandate was characterized by a good number of actions:

  • Carrying out Developmental projects in Fako East
  • Assisting internally displaced persons and the less privileged in Fako East.
  • Encouraging the youths through the organization of youth football tournaments.
  • Carrying out major donations to both public and private establishments to increase productivity.
  • Payment of fees of less privileged children in order to encourage education for all.
  • Carrying out major donations to both public and private establishments to increase productivity.

Specifically, as MP for Fako East, the following are some realizations

  • Renovation Of GNS Likomba In Tiko Sub Division
  • Donates A Generator, Hospital Materials And Equipments To The Muyenge Integrated Health District
  • Award Scholarships To Pupils Of Gns Likomba – Tiko
  • I lobbied for classrooms to be constructed in Mutengene, Tiko and Muyuka sub Divisions.
  • The tarring of some kilometers of roads in Tiko and Muyuka,
  • The building of Government offices to serve the population,
  • Assisted farmers to acquire inputs
  • Repairs And Hands Over Farmers Bridge To Mutengene / Dibanda Farmers
  • Donates Office Furniture And Computers To Police Station Mutengene
  • Award Of Scholarship To Orphans And Underprevileged Students In GBHS Mutengene, Donation Of Didactic Materials And Computers To Schools, Some Public And Private Establishments In Fako East (Tiko And Muyuka)
  • Organises Inter Quarters In Ekona , Mutengene And Moquo
  • Mp Organises Youth Football Tournament For Fako Division
  • Back To School Donation (Scholarship, Books, Pens And Other Didactic Materials) To The Population Of Tiko And Muyuka
  • Courageously Represented His People At The Grand National Dialogue In Yaounde
  • Introduces Lady Emma Nanyongo Lebaga as Parliamentary Aspirant For Limbe (Fako East). A Dynamic Financial Expert And A Graduate From ENAM With The Passion To Serve The People Of Limbe
  • Hon Fritz Ngeka Etoke And Mme Emma Nanyongo Lebaga Celebrated New Year Day At The Mile 1 Hospital In Limbe With Patients.

Hence, A Vote For – Fritz Ngeka Etoke And Emma Nanyongo Lebaga Is A Vote For Effective Representation And Accelerated Development

We Can Only Do More
As said in the beginning, our vision is developed through an all-inclusive and participatory stakeholder consultative process; whereby the Vision is based on Six “pillars”: Peace and Social Justice, Health, Education, Development, Youth And Women Empowerment.

1) Peace and Social Justice
I started preaching dialogue and peace in 2017 and continued during the Grand National Dialogue. In our next mandate we will continue to push for a lasting solution to the Anglophone crisis.
Coming from a Legal background, and a graduate from ENAM, during my next mandate, the search for justice shall be a major preoccupation especially with the notion that there can hardly be peace without justice and social justice in particular.

2) Health
In the face the current crisis rocking our constituency in particular and in bid to increase our productivity level, we must be healthy.
Our policy towards health is that prevention is better than cure; especially when it comes to Aids/HIV which is devastating our country.
Even diseases such as malaria and other preventable diseases, prevention must be stressed repeatedly throughout the constituency.
We shall Work closely with NGOs operating within or outside the constituency to intensify public awareness and accessibility of health protection products and services, such as insecticide-treated nets and anti-malarial drugs, Canvass for medical equipment abroad for community based clinics and private clinics/hospitals with capacity potentials. In return make contracts with them to take minimum charges to treat patients periodically and arrange for free medical treatment by visiting medics.

3) Education
As A Matter of Principles, for the future success of our beloved constituency, we must continue to invest in education. The performance of our schools in national examinations, both at primary and secondary schools must improve tremendously. My plan is to make the general performance in our schools in Fako East to be the best in the country within three years.
If elected, I intend to introduce various annual awards in Fako East Constituency to recognize outstanding teachers, pupils, schools, sports & cultural performance.
Books and didactic materials donation to schools in the constituency and building of more classroom blocks will definitely take a center stage in our realization plan.

4) Sustainable Development
If elected, my running mate and I will have no option than to continue from where I ended in the last mandate.
Many more development projects are envisaged in Fako East with a good number of them already conceived and waiting for execution.
Good WASH (Water, Sanitation, And Hygiene) projects have already been designed and shall be carried out by Civil Society Organizations based in our Constituency.
We shall not depend solely on the micro project income to develop Fako East Constituency; we shall be able to twin with other constituencies out of Cameroon and benefit from the fall outs of such twinning.

5) Gender and Women Empowerment
This mandate shall benefit from the rich and international experience of Lady Emma Nanyongo Lebaga as far as gender and Women Empowerment is concerned.
We shall put women and women’s right in focus in all of our actions and projects.
This mandate envisages at least 4 capacity building trainings for Women annually in the domain of empowerment and self reliance.
We believe a Fako East with an empowered Women Force is a plus for the constituency in particular and our nation in General.

6) Youth Empowerment
With a lot of energy and with the support gotten from the Youth of Fako East, that is Muyuka, Tiko, Limbe I, II and III, there is every reason to do more.
Skill acquisition programmes, job placements, recreational activities, Talents exploration for youths in various sports and helping them gain international exposure will be our priority for young people resident in Fako East Constituency.

In this light we are looking at partnerships for youth development through a strong Civil Society Oriented Approach, strengthening youth led organizations and provide financing to Youth led small and medium sized enterprises.

National Scene
While these are the set goals for at the level of our beloved Fako East Constituency, we shall also be very active on the National Scene
At the national level, our priorities as a MP will be as follows:

  • We shall continue to fight for Social Justice and Peace to return in the troubled English-Speaking Regions Of Cameroon.
    -We shall push for the restitution of three parliamentary seats as it was before. One MP for Tiko, One MP for Limbe and one MP for Muyuka.
    -In the same light, we shall also make sure that Tiko is divided into 3; ( Mutengene, Tiko and Mungo Sub Divisions. We shall also have as priority, Bwenga Court Area, Tiko Court Area, and Mudeka Court Area .
  • We would both shape and advocate policies and programs of my party and that of my own constituency
    -Advocate for sound economic policies and strategy that can fight poverty and unemployment.
    -We need parties to understand that democracy entails more than just the possibility to vote in elections and be represented.
    -Taking democracy to the next level must be a priority of the next parliament or senate. This should include finding better ways that civil society and other voluntary groups can have direct influence on the development of the society.

Dear electorates and residents of Fako East, if elected, we will listen to your vital voices, think about your grievances, reflect on your requests, try to understand the issues put forth, and act on all the challenges at the appropriate time.

A vote for our list is a vote for parliamentary experience and dedication of service to the community especially youth and women empowerment.

While thanking you all in advance, permit us end by reiterating that “The Change You Need Is In Your Hands, We Can Only Do More.

Maitre Firtz Ngeka Etoke And Lady Emma Nanyongo Lebaga

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