Cameroon Community media network on Thursday January 16, 2020 created a chapter in the centre region of the country to foster peace and change the narratives of traditional reporting in the society.
Speaking during the ceremony at the Protestant Voice Radio that recorded an attendance of over 25 journalists from the region, the National Cordinator Madam Obah Rose said, CCMN aims at promoting sustainable development,equity and social justice. she further iterated that, CCMN seeks to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor as it encourages journalism geared towards development.
The national Cordinator Moma Sandrine in her address said, the creation of this chapter is timely as it seeks to combat rampant spread of fake news and hate speech.A call was made to join forces to fight for a common good given the effect the Media has on the society.
With “community is 10 percent media and 90 percent community” as thier motto, these journalists were drilled on the impact of wrong word usage especially in conflict management with the Anglophone crisis at the spot light.
CCMN which was created in 2017, seeks to promote peace journalism and advocates for protection of journalists, has already gain two chapters being the NW/west region, the littoral /SWR with the purpose of bringing to lamblight those stories in the community that haven’t been reported or have been given little attention.

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